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vintage crewel kit: big shrooms 5

big shroom conquered!

i wasn't looking forward to working on this big guy, and my fears were justified. the big cap was not cooperating- after ripping the whole thing out for the second time, i had wasted 3 hours with nothing to show for it. following the directions turned out awful, so i went off-roading. the book, stitch sampler gave me the confidence to use a gobelin stitch for filling it in. know what? it worked.

after surrounding the area with a couching stitch, i started filling in the solid part with a gobelin stitch. it took forever (or 2 hours), but the result was so much better than what the instructions suggested. the stem in comparison, was a breeze to get done. i started with the brown side, couching the outline, then filling it the long stitches.

the orange part of them stem was also fast to fill in. and the interior of the cap went quickly. i didn't follow the printed lines- like the cap, it looked very sparse. filling it in with additional threads, fixed it right up.

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