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vintage crewel kit: big shrooms 6

finally some new colors!

i'm slowly easing back into regularity after 2 weeks of california livin. to make it a bit easier, i started with some needlework. it was nice to do this out on the deck. until the storm blew in (even then, it wasn't too bad).

the branches (vines?), were done the same way as the outlines- couching a long strand to the ground fabric. each of the leaves was made as a loop, tacked at one end- the same way the loops on the little mustard/brown guys. the outer most loop on each needed to be couched to hold it in place. the grass is just longer strands that have been couched.

even though these weren't difficult to construct, they took a long time to finish- about 2 hours, or so. it's nice to see more colors in the composition, and for the first time, it feels like it could be finished soon. when i don't think about how long the side will take.

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