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vintage crewel kit: big shrooms 8

done and done.

oh yeah! for my first crewel attempt, i think it's passable. certainly not perfect, but that's the charm, right? (right?). for starters, after i finished the leaves and grass on the big shroom, the previous grass wasn't looking to keen. they needed to be ripped out and begun anew:

so much better. moving on to the big tall things (cattails maybe?): these were stitched in a spiral, couching along the way. naturally, the printed pattern was totally useless.

the length was so much longer than the width that once the width was stitched, i couched the perimeter of the oval and went back in and filled up the blank space. not a shabby optical illusion when completed:

the last part was the stems, which were supposed to be in the dark green yarn (that i ran out of). had to use the sub yarn, which is thicker. it's not the greatest, but i won't be losing sleep over it.

now the question is, what to do with this??? the kit is for a pillow, but to be honest, i have no desire for a decorative pillow. i'm thinking about buying a wood handbag frame, and making it into a little tote with some cute autumnal lining (lord knows i don't have enough handbags).

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