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Vintage Crewel Kit: Squirrel 9

The beginning of the end started with the stitch that's covering most of this squirrel's fat body:

He was at his best with this hairstyle, but the rest of his face couldn't keep going around nude. A smattering of long and shorts did the trick.

The satin stitch was called upon to fill in the vanilla bits around his eyes and filthy muzzle.

And there was a little satin stitch on his ear tips and nose triangle. The stem stitch surrounded his eye patches with a nice milk chocolatey coating.

The last color left was dark chocolate for the beady eyes, nose, whiskers, and smirking mouth. I don't know how he ended up with such a smug, self assured expression, but it's certainly befitting. At times, he looks like elvis, and I think he might be all right. But soon enough, the tomato mauling garden terrorist comes back into view.

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