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worry necklace

a wearable fiesta.

during a recent stop in california at the carmel mission, i picked up some super cute worry dolls. remember worry dolls? i had a ton when i was a kid, but they were much smaller. i scooped these ladies up and made a portable party for my neck.

the strands holding these senoritas are very adjustable, so they can be worn together at different lengths and not smack into each other. it also creates the opportunity to do something cute on the back, and each strand has a little glass flower to finish it off.



loop her cabeza:

  • using the awl, or needle, make an opening to slide in the 7mm jumpring. don't stab her in the head, just lift up her veil a bit and create 2 holes.
  • use the pliers to twist open a 7mm jumpring and slide it into her veil.
  • use the pliers to twist close the jump ring.

flower charm:

  • slide a bead and bead cap on a ball headpin.
  • use the round nose pliers to create a double loop above the bead cap and trim the excess wire off.

assemble the chain:

  • cut 4 lengths of chain:
    • 20"
    • 3.5"
    • 3.5"
    • 3.5"
  • on one end of the long strand, add the lobster clasp with a 4mm jump ring.
  • link all chain lengths together with 4mm jump rings, and finish the other end but linking the flower charm to the chain with a 4mm jump ring.
  • cut the cotton floss at least 12" longer than the total chain length.

lace the chain:

  • double knot the thread on the lobster clasp's jump ring, leaving a long tail. thread the big eye needle and bring it through the first link in the chain.
  • the easiest way to hold the chain is gripping the clasp with the thumb and ring finger, while holding the chain tight with the first and middle finger (your pinky can just hang out). bring the needle through each link from right to left. twist the chain every so slightly to the right after the link is threaded- this will bring the thread out the top side of each link.
  • repeat threading each link, from right to left, twisting the chain slightly every time so the thread is always coming out the top of the link. this technique will make the thread spiral round the chain, but you can thread the chain anyway you want.

  • at the other end, double knot the thread on the last jump ring. bring the tail back through the same links for at least 1", and trim off the excess. thread the tail at the beginning through the same chain links as before, and trim off excess.
  • slide on your new amigas and adjust to any length you want.
  • ┬íprepare para la partido!
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