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disco double strand

give me that stuff. that sweet funky stuff.

the request was for a double strand necklace with more shine and sparkle. and who am i to refuse? the recipient of this sweet piece is a big believer in gold chain, black, and glitter. time to rethink the ribbon construction of previous versions for something with a bit more 'tude. the chain is really the only difference, and although it was minimally more complicated to construct, it still didn't take an hour to throw together.


  • using the needle nose pliers, twist open all the jump rings. with 2 of them, attach each end of the toggle to a piece of curb chain. set aside.
  • at the end of the box chain, pinch the last link flat. this will help threading it through the smaller beads.

  • at the other end of the box chain, twist closed a jump ring on the last link.
  • string the top row of beads. close the last jump ring on the first link that's clear from the beads. use the cutters to clip the excess chain off.

  • head back to the jump ring on the left side of the box chain. twist it open. add one side of the curb chain, and the non-pinched side of the box chain.position the chains on the ring as shown.
  • thread the bottom row of beads.

  • when the last bead is strung, twist open the jump ring. add the other side of curb chain, and the first open link on the box chain.
  • position the chains as shown above, and trim off the excess box chain.

this girl is begging to get on the dance floor. not to worry- there are many wild nights in her future.

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