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doubled poly rope bracelet

more poly braid rope?!?!

YES. i'll never be able to brag about my self control. in the hardware store, it's no exception. i certainly don't need any more poly rope in my wardrobe, but i just can't help myself. not only did i get the rope used in the headband, but i couldn't help buying 2 colors of skinny braid. if they had had 10 colors, i would've bought everyone of them. this bracelet could be jazzed up with a fancy knot if you'd like, but i choose to keep it basic so it sits well with the other two.

  • heat up the glue gun.
  • cut both colors of braid longer than your wrist circumference. remove the center filling, if they have any.
  • add a drop of glue to the tip of one braid and glue it to the second.
  • very carefully melt the ends with the lighter. the glue will get soft, so be mindful not to scorch your fingertips. gently squeeze and mold the tips together. let cool completely.
  • add a squeeze of glue to the interior of one toggle cap. quickly add the cords and make sure they stick securely.
  • wrap the cords around your wrist to determine the length of the bracelet. cut the cords, and repeat glueing and melting. fit into the other side of the toggle cap.

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