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jersey knot headband

another 90 degree day!?! i'm gonna need a lot more help.

it's true that after just making a knotted headband, i don't need another. but when i saw the tutorial for this jersey one, it looked so soft and comfy and easy, that i had to make it. i used some jersey scraps that have been hanging around since march, but an old t shirt would work as well.

  • cut the jersey into strips, 4" wide. i used 2 strips, that were 50" long and folded in half, but you can use 4 strips that are 25" long with 2 strips on each side.
  • let the jersey curl up on itself naturally.
  • this tutorial explains in detail how to tie the knot. i preferred the chunkier look of the headband on the baby (and i don't like tying on headbands), so my version uses thicker strips and has a center back seam.
  • if you used longer strips folded in half, cut the folds.

  • try the headband on to determine the length and where you want the knot to sit. trim the strips to fit.
  • pin together the 2 strips on each end. then pin the top strips to each other and the bottom strips to each other.
  • sew the strips together with a plain running stitch and trim the seam allowance.
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