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log cabin quilt: block 9

9 down. a million more to go.

compared to the last block, this was a dream to assemble. the peau do soie had given me some issues the last time it was used, so i backed it with pellon as i've been doing with the silk stripes, and it was much improved.

  • red silk satin
  • ivory peau de soie
  • chocolate wool
  • navy/white striped denim

this block is way more simple than the previous ones, but i really enjoy the good vs. evil effect it produced. i wanted to use more red in the blocks, but it's not really a dark or light color. pairing it with the chocolate wool really makes it vibrate when it's next to the other blocks. although it's not my favorite block combo, i think it will be an interesting component in the final overall piece.

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