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medicine pouch

turned a crappy kit into something worth wearing.

on a recent trip around sleepy hollow, i picked up a medicine pouch kit from homestead toys. little craft kits have always been a weakness of mine, despite the obvious poor quality. this one was no exception.

the front and back body were good enough, but everything else had to be scrapped- cheap plastic beads (not sure why there's 2 of them), plastic lanyard (historically accurate), and most unfortunately, the fringe. the prepunched holes didn't match up to the body of the pouch and were spaced in such a way that new ones couldn't be added. such a shame- and really no excuse for poor quality.

some reinforcements were necessary to make this thing work. first and foremost, a toggle (from and old coat), cotton pearl thread and tapestry needle, bracelet chain (about 35"), jump rings (1 for each weight and 1 to connect the chains), spiked weights (similar ones can be found here). pliers and scissors were the only tools needed.rounded out the equipment.

attaching the toggle:

attaching the chain:

whip stitched to the body like the trimmed bracelet from way back when.

add the weights:

braid and tie the loop:

and finally, connect the chains with the last jump ring. so much classier! a pouch pocahontas would be proud to wear.

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