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pink champagne bangle

let's keep the party going.

i like pink champagne- it's a gloriously classy throw back to "an affair to remember".

i tend to drink it often. and it always seems like a shame to throw away the garbage. admitting that the party is over? say it ain't so!

let's preserve this party in resin. it's been awhile since the last play date with resin. what better way to get back into it. immortalizing the bubbly.

the mold, mold release, ice resin and mixing supplies, are the same as ever. for a refresh on how to pour resin, click here. to prep the materials, cut the foil into confetti (first by cutting strips, then crosswise into squares), trim the twisted bits off the wire cage, and crumble up the cork into tiny bits. in the first round, i added some martha stewart glass microbeads, hoping for a "bubbly effect".

all this stuff was added to the resin filled mold, and right away 2 things became clear: first, cork floats- even in resin. secondly, those glass beads are just way to heavy for resin.

and they ended up practically invisible. in theory, i liked what was happening in this proto. it could be better though. i had enough materials to make another- this time in a skinny bangle mold.

a skinny bangle mold covered in sparkles. a few of these ended up in the final product, so shame on me for being too lazy to clean it. after the initial addition of metallic trash to the resin, another handful was thrown in for good measure. past experience has taught that more isn't always better, but in this case, it turned out pretty great.

the second time, the glass beads were left out, and no loss really. i also have to mention that when this came out of the mold, it was a gnarly mess. only through the magic of micro-mesh was it salvaged. coming up next week, i'll do a whole tutorial about this miracle product, and how it gets professional results with home resin casting. it's something worth celebrating, so crack open another bottle. this really is a party that just won't quit.

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