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resin handles: batch 1

lighter and less swirl, but well on the way.

set up:


  • mixed 1oz resin. added 6 drops amber pigment.
  • poured very slight amount into mold cavities.

  • added 1 drop of red pigment to resin.
  • poured almost all of the resin into the center of each cavity, pushing the amber resin to each end.

  • added a drop of black pigment to the mixing cup. note: although pigment was shaken thoroughly, it had separated and was slightly transparent. at the time this seemed good, due to the amount of solid black drops during the last test.
  • with a T pin, black resin was swirled into the cavities. because the mold is blue, it was very difficult to see how much and where the black swirls were. even with a strong light, it was practically blind swirling.


  • 1oz of resin is just under what will fill the mold completely. a second batch was needed to top off each cavity, which made the color inconsistent.
  • much more black needed to achieve maximum swirl.
  • overall color too light. transparent brown pigment might be necessary.
  • mold works great with the exception of visibility during the swirl phase.

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