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Resin Handles: Batch 4

After the last batch, I was convinced that these would be perfect. Can't say "perfect" is the most accurate description, but they're very close.

Set Up:


  • 1/2oz clear resin + 5 drops amber pigment + 1 drop native american pigment= pretty darn close. Could use the tiniest bit more native american pigment.
  • Filled up the mold 1/2 way

  • 3/4oz of clear resin + 7 drops amber pigment + 1 drop native american pigment + a toothpick of brown pigment= looked scary dark, but ended up being as near to the original as ever before.
  • Filled up the molds almost entirely, pouring in the middle of each cavity.

  • With a toothpick covered in black pigment, swirled each cavity, blindly. There is no way to control the amount or the look of the swirls. Especially with this darker ground color. Can't see anything in the mold at all.
  • Filled up all the cavities to max capacity. This amount of resin was just enough- but there's no room for mistakes. Every drop was used.

The Results:

Insert frustrating sigh. From some angles, they look spot on. From other angles, you can still tell that the ends are too light, and the "swirls" don't look great. Hopefully, when these are mounted, they'll be a close approximation. I still think they can be better.

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