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sparkly spacers round 2

an epic glitter debacle ensues.

the last round of sparkly spacers was promising, so there was no reason to believe that this time wouldn't go smoothly. all the usual materials were assembled:

lima resin, mixing supplies, the mold, a plastic baggie,scissors and a toothpick. in addition to the gold glitter, a tube of multi colored glitter was on hand.

it started out smoothly. resin was mixed. poured into the baggie and twisted up like a pastry bag. but when it was time to snip off the corner, all hell broke loose. i cut off a bit too much, and resin started to flow. everywhere. all over my hands, all over the mold. quick, get this baggie back into the cup! and then:

in the mayhem that followed, both tubes of glitter were tipped in my direction. glitter in my hair. glitter in my eyes. glitter in my ears. glitter glued to both hands. photos couldn't be taken after the moment of impact, because i value my camera too much to make it sparkle. once the floor, chair, and my hands were cleaned up, it was time to survey the damage to the mold.

crappers. what a mess. no way to tell how much went into each cavity. the only thing left to do was push what glitter was on the mold into the cavities with a toothpick.

took awhile, but eventually it went in. in an attempt to even out the gold/ multi ratio in each cavity, another light sprinkling of each was dusted over the cavities.

and then cleaned it up again with a toothpick.

it took at least 15 minutes to clean up the mess after the initial glitter spill, and i thought maybe because the resin had a moment to set, that the glitter would successfully suspend.

but unfortunately, it sunk worse than before. this party isn't nearly as fun. it's a bit sad. from the front, they look fabulous.

and i'm going to try one more time to make these happen with more glitter than ever. pack these things to the tip top. this mold only has about 1 more use left in it before it completely tears in half. let's send it out with a bang.

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