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Spoon Flowers: Adding to the Arsenal

Finally had the chance to braid up the spoon petals that were melted 2 weeks ago. I followed the same technique from the last spoon flower necklace, using a kumihimo disk to braid the petals together.

For full instructions, click here. I forgot how fast it is to braid these. The first couple were maybe 30minutes, but I shaved at least 10 minutes off that time by the last one.

There were 3 widths of cording used: skinny, big, and just right. Just right ended up being 1.5mm. in the photo below, the cobalt cord was 1.5mm, the neon yellow and pink are 1mm, and the toffee is 2mm. They all worked, but 1.5mm was the sweet spot.

I was aiming to make 3 this afternoon, but it went by so quickly that I managed to double the output. That almost never happens.

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