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Tatted Lace and Resin Bangle

The search for how to wear tatting continues.
This time around, it's suspended in resin (and unravelling). The skinny bangle mold was the preferred shape, but there are serious size limitations. Because the pieces would be facing top and bottom, the profile was also a concern. For this reason, it was decided to layer 2 pieces per side, with alternating picots that would give some depth to the side view. overly complicated? Yes.

The Tat:

Due to the size of the bangle, the rings had to be very small and the design had to be uncomplicated. This pattern is about as basic as it gets. I made 2 top sides and 2 bottom sides made with perle cotton size 8.

The curve of the pieces didn't exactly match the curve of the bangle, so some pressing was in order. Tracing the bangle helped as a guideline.

All the top picots on all the pieces were pressed perpendicularly in the same direction. The thought was that they would line the outside edge of the bangle.

The Resin:

The usual Ice Resin. The bangle mold is a silicone copy of a vintage piece. For detailed instructions on how to pour resin, click here.

  • Add the tiniest drizzle of resin to mold. Just enough to coat the bottom. Let cure.
  • Add both top side pieces, pushing the picots to go up the sides of the mold.

  • Add another drizzle of resin to the mold, encasing the top pieces.
  • Add the bottom pieces, with the picots facing down the sides of the mold. They should alternate with the picots go up the side of the mold. Let cure.

  • Add final drizzle of resin to the mold, covering the top layer of trim. Let cure.

It was apparent when adding the bottom pieces, that one side didn't match up to the top piece. Oh well, because this was a proto, I didn't spend too much time cleaning up the back with micro mesh.

Final verdict: there are possibilities here. The picots lining the outer edge look really good, but no need for top and bottom pieces- 1 layer of lace with some big picots could be enough.

Next time, more unravelling and less tat. Maybe the majority is a tangle of threads with a sweet little tat on each end. A hit of cohesion within a bangle of chaos.

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