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log cabin quilt: block 11

11 down, still many more to go.

as with the last block, i'm continuing to do some straightforward dark and light combinations. again, i've broken one of the rules i set at the beginning, to not use more than 1 print in a block- but the dots are so tiny and look so good with the stripe that it doesn't bother me. i have many more colors of this dot, so it will be surfacing again...

  • red silk satin
  • beige silk satin
  • tan cotton with black dot
  • purple wool double knit
  • black/purple/periwinkle stripe silk (backed with fusible pellon)

even though this block lacks the retina searing color combinations of most of the others, i'm still pleased. a nice pause of normal in a sea of crazy. that kind of works for describing my life too.

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