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Sparkly Spacers: Round Whatever

"High density sparkle" is a term thrown around a lot at work. It's rarely achieved, and I've never understood why- until trying to achieve it myself. After a hot mess with wimpy results, this approach was much more gutsy. All glitter. All over the place. All the time.

The usual suspects: Resin, Mixing Tools, Craft Glitter, the Mold, Toothpick, Scissors and a Plastic Baggie. Let's do it.

The resin was mixed and baggied (for a better idea of what that looks like, click here). The mold was filled half way with resin. And then. THEN:

That's a ridiculous amount of glitter. An insane amount of glitter. And after a long time of pushing it into the cavities, it looked like this:

Now, not all of the glitter fit. A good bit of it went into a separate bangle mold that was close at hand. But I kid you not, that as much glitter went into the mold as possible. And in the end, I was sorry that some of the molds were filled with too much resin at the beginning. Even so, the outcome was better than expected.

Take that clear resin- this party ain't never gonna stop. The more the merrier- as far as glitter is concerned. This is some high density sparkle.

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