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cinco de mayo roundup

es el momento para la fiesta.

mexico is awesome, and deserves to be celebrated to the fullest. cinco de mayo is on sunday, but why wait until then to start stuffing your face (y bebiendo margaritas)? let's start this fiesta tonight- to get organized, i've compiled a list of mexican delectables that suits every time of day. some delicious decisions are going to be made over a spicy papaya whiskey en un momento...

queso fresco: 3/12/13 blue chilaquiles with zucchini: 8/14/12

breakfast tacos: 3/18/13, shrimp tacos: 1/25/12, beach tacos: 8/10/12

cactus cheese tamales: 6/5/12, chocolate chili ice cream with cinnamon corn cookies: 4/10/13

chia clementine lassi: 3/1/13, mexican sipping chocolate 3/6/13

spicy papaya whiskey: 4/26/13

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