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2012 roundup: jewelry

the year of the pressed penny.

looking back on 2012, it was a bit shocking to see how much jewelry was made. resin and silicone molds provided endless opportunities for experimentation. cords and braiding were also prominently featured. below are a list of my favorite techniques and pieces from 2012.

pouring resin:

a huge revelation for me, pouring resin never got boring. filling it with stuff, messing with colorants- so much fun. plenty of investigation to continue...

how to pour resin: january 20th

colored pencil shavings: september 11th, mini pompoms: april 27th

sparkly spacers: december 13th, googly eyes: march 28th

glow in the dark: october 30th, tortoise spacers: november 15th

silicone molds

after learning how to pour resin, silicone molds are the next step. liquid rubber is a bit more time consuming than the putty, but both are amazing to have in your arsenal of skills. the list of items to be cast in silicone grows every day.

how to make a silicone mold: march 14th, how to make a silicone putty mold: december 14th

2 hole spacers: may 9th, skinny bangles: october 22nd


made quite a few necklaces this year, but the ones below are in the current rotation, and have seen the most action.

spoon flowers: august 3rd, 15ft wrap: february 1st

disco double strand deux: december 17th, paillette flowers: november 12th

silhouettes: march 22nd, speakeasy necklace: february 23rd


the pressed penny bracelet was, by far, the most popular post on the whole site for the year. i had no idea so many people were infected with the desperate need to collect pressed pennies. that being said, the poly rope bracelets are definitely in the running for most worn piece of jewelry in the last 12 months.

souvenir penny: april 4th, square gem: december 4th

elastic paracord: february 11th, poly rope: july 19th

there's plenty yet to come in 2013, but without the limitations of posting everyday. i'll give a shout every few days, so check back often!

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